Friday, March 15, 2013

Date Night: Grown up Fort

Since Dan and I have been together, date night has been very important to us. It's been a time where we can catch up on what's happening in our lives and just spend time together. Now that we have a son, we aren't able to go out alone every week like we used to. Typically Fridays were our date nights. Now we have date night at home on most Fridays after the little one goes to bed for the night.

Think back to your childhood. Do you remember going around your house and gathering up sheets, blankets, and random pieces of furniture to use to build a FORT? Of course you do! Well this week for a date night at home, get back in touch with your inner-child and build a grown up fort! Gather up your sheets, blankets, and pillows. Build your fort using whatever furniture you have. If you have a futon mattress or air mattress put that inside. Bake cookies or brownies, grab your favorite drinks, and climb inside your fort with your sweetie! We laughed and chatted for a while about our week and then grabbed our iPad and watched recorded episodes of our favorite TV shows that we missed all week. One piece of advice- if you have a little one, make sure to gather everything you need before you put him/her to sleep so that you don't have to tromp all around the house and possibly wake him/her up.

 We used our mantle and the couches as anchors to make our fort as big as possible.

Inside our fort enjoying cookies and milk.

This date night was inspired by my sister in law. She is currently in medical school and spends a lot of time studying and going to class. She and her husband built a fort to unwind one night and they had a blast. Building a fort may seem silly to you, because it is! But being silly together is fun! We had a blast and got to just enjoy each other's company for hours.

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