Monday, March 4, 2013

March Meal Calendar

March is here! March is one of my favorite months. I'm still really enjoying planning our meals for the month and shopping just twice a month. Instead of doing seperate posts I am going to share our monthly meal calendar at the beginning of each month and any special plans I have to save money for the month.

We always have some favorites that are rotated and used every month. You'll always see tacos, chili, and asian stir fry. We love these meals and they are very easy! I also color code the calendars so that I know the main protein for each meal. This helps with planning to shop so I know how much of each meat I need that time around.
This month I am going to purchase a large package of chicken and a large package of pork at Sam's Club. I'll get whatever cut of pork is the best prices, but it's usually bone-in pork chops, which we love! The chicken will last for the month and the pork will likely last into April. This will make my grocery bill a little more on the front end, but much less towards the end of the month. I am also shopping at Aldi for most things and couponing some at Food Lion.
I worked in some new meals this month.
Pesto Pasta is one of our favorites. I use pesto that I freeze as the sauce and throw in vegetables and parmasan cheese. Balsamic Chicken wraps are just grilled chicken breasts that I marinate in balsamic vinegar and honey and then we eat them on a wrap with lettuce. Lemon Chicken pasta is grilled chicken marinated in olive oil and lemon zest served on pasta with asparagus, broccoli, spinach, parmasan cheese, and a homemade lemon vinegarette (I'll be sharing this recipe soon). For Grilled Pork Chops, I usually marinate them in some type of seasoning and/or vinegarette and then we grill them!
One thing that I am most excited about this month is all the fresh vegetables that will be back in season at the grocery store. Asparagus is one of my favorites! It's really only good in the spring, so we'll probably be eating it with lots of meals this month!

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