Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our tee-tiny garden

Part 1 and Part 2 of my Favorite things about Summer have revolved around gardens! I love gardens. I love spending time in gardens. Some of my most cherished memories were made in a garden, either playing hide and go seek, spending time with family, or learning a new recipe.

Since I've been married to Dan, we've always had a little garden, but its had to be in pots because we lived in apartments. Last September, we bought a house in the Charlotte area and we were so excited to actually have a little garden in the ground! It really is the simple things!

So this year, we planted tomatoes, a few kinds of peppers, and some herbs. During the fall, we plan to plant some winter greens, carrots, and lettuce. Here's a little bit of our garden:

 Bell Peppers


My favorite: Basil

We also have blueberry bushes, but it may take a few years for them to get started. I'm hopeful that they'll make next year.

Last night, I made vegetable soup for supper. Everything on our table, except the ingredients in the cornbread, came from our yard, my grandparents, or a local produce stand. There is something very satisfying in that for me. Gardens are so much fun and rewarding. Planting a few plants in pots is the easiest way to get started and figure out what you like! :)

What are your favorite vegetables/fruits to grow?

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