Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I really love Beth Moore. She is always encouraging and challenging to me. This video was especially challenging to me. I have taken my health seriously since I was a sophomore in college, much with the help of Dan. He's always been very healthy and read tons of books and articles about healthy living. My father and two grandmothers are diabetics and high blood pressure and cholesterol is in my family. Shortly after I met Dan, we knew we would be getting married and we've had this goal of being married for 70 years. That means we have to live to be 91. We both knew we wouldn't get there if we weren't healthy. I've also taken 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 very seriously. I can't honor God if I'm busy pleasing myself with food or laziness.

Eating healthy meals isn't a struggle for me. I cook at home almost every night and almost everything I make is healthy. If I can keep desserts out of the house, I'm usually right on track with eating. It's the exercise. I love doing active things. Living in Clemson, exercise meant- "let's go for a hike tonight". I loved that. Since moving to Charlotte, its been much different. The thought of going for a run or doing Insanity is awful. I long to be outside, climbing a mountain or walking to a waterfall. I do exercise about 3-4 times a week. I go for a walk, do an Insanity or P90x workout. But, its such a struggle and I complain in my head almost the whole time.

This word that Beth Moore spoke was so convicting. Yes, I've been busy with two grad classes and teaching full time. Yes, I've been very exhausted. Yes, I already wake up way before the sun comes up. But, I don't have an excuse for not exercising with a good attitude. The Lord has given me this body to take care of. Over the next few weeks, I'm committing to exercising for one hour a day, 4 times a week. During that hour, I'm going to listen to sermons from other churches. That hour will be an hour of worship. I wish I could do it in the morning before work, but waking up before 5:00 AM isn't realistic for me. I'm going to schedule my workout times in on my calendar and I'm not going to "question" it or rethink it.

Dan always tells me that I just have a "mental block" when it comes to exercise. If I had a better attitude about it, I'd probably get so much more out of it and workout for a longer period of time. So here's to the beginning of a better exercise routine. Here's to another hour of time spent with Jesus during my day. Here's to a healthier life minus the complaining!

Here are a few pictures of what exercising was like in South Carolina. We did this usually twice a week and went for smaller hikes around our neighborhood daily.

This is our favorite hike. Looking Glass Rock.

Twin Falls

Rainbow Falls. We are at the bottom if you look closely. This is our other favorite hike.

See why I miss Clemson??

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