Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter traditions

This weekend is the celebration of our Savior. It is the day that sets Christianity apart from all of the other gods and religions. It's the most important day in Christianity. I'm so excited to be spending that day at Elevation Church.

I am also very excited because I get to have our (almost) whole family together to celebrate. Dan's parents are coming into town and my parents are coming down for the night tomorrow night. We're very excited to introduce Dan's parents to Charlotte and Elevation on this weekend.

Easter has always been a special weekend in my family. We always went to Sunrise service together, ate a big meal, hunted some Easter eggs, and just spent time together. Since we lived 4 hours away from my family for 4 years (in college), this tradition hasn't happened consistently in recent years. This year, I'm happy to be hosting Easter dinner with my family and Dan's family. It'll be a little different, because its on Friday night. You have to be flexible when your dad is a pastor! :)

So, tomorrow night I'm hosting a big meal with everyone. I'm really excited. I love hosting and cooking for everyone. It's one of my favorite things... especially when it involves the people I love the most. And, its always fun still getting Easter baskets from my mom. :)

I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

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