Monday, January 3, 2011

My Christmas to-do list UPDATE

Today I went back to teaching my sweet 5th graders. I was sad to see the break go, but so very happy once I got there. I love those kids an unbelievable amount and it was so good to see them.

Here is my to-do list from before the break... and I thought I'd update to see if I accomplished everything.
1. Cook and Host Christmas dinner with my family! DONE- and with much success, I might add.
2. Finally get my address changed on my driver's license and my car registered in Union County. DONE- such a relief and ended up being pretty simple.
3. Clean my car out... have it totally spotless. DONE- I didn't do this until yesterday, but it still got done!
4. Get lesson plans done for the week I return... got this DONE and it made today so easy.
5. Deep clean our house. Got this done last minute yesterday, with the help of my wonderful hubby.
6. Sew something. I did not do this- started to, but instead organized the closet where my sewing machine was... that counts for something, right?!
7. Finish a scarf that I started a few months ago. I did not finish.... but I did make headway!
8. Study God's word everyday. I also failed at this, just didn't set enough time aside like I should have every day.

Overall, I'm mostly satisfied with all that I accomplished over the break. I also got lots of time to be lazy, spend with family, and just enjoy time at home.

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