Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Every year, Dan and I spend New Year's together- just the two of us. We've always enjoyed doing this. It gives us uninterrupted time together and the opportunity for us to start the New Year off right- in prayer.

There is something special about welcoming in the New Year. Its a new, fresh start for everyone. It's time to make resolutions and commitments to be better at something in the coming year. We always bring in the new year by cooking up a special, fancy meal at home, drinking some sparkling grape juice, and praying together when the ball drops. We like to have a mini "party" to say goodbye to the old year (and how ready I am to say goodbye to 2010's stresses!) and welcome to a new start.

Instead of making resolutions, we really like to write down the things that we are praying for and striving for in our spiritual walks (I actually hate New Year's resolutions of losing weight- mainly because the Y is so packed until about March). These are often difficult for me to write, because as a teacher, I have to write objectives (goals) that are measurable and observable. It's hard to separate myself from my teacher-self and write goals that don't follow those rules. This is my best shot...

Our 2011 Goals and Prayer Focuses (11 for the year 2011)

1. We want to use our marriage as a tool of evangelism everyday.
2. We are praying for total, complete, and lasting healing for my mother in law. She finishes chemo at the end of January for breast cancer treatment.
3. We are praying that the Lord would bring our vision of Dan playing golf for a living to fruition.
4. We are praying that we will see my aunt have a healthy baby in September.
5. Complete at least 4 book/Bible studies together this year.
6. Be more intentional about our relationships with friends here in Charlotte. Be more intentional about staying in touch with old friends.
7. I will end my vicious cycle of worry and anxiety.
8. I will complete graduate school and Dan will be praying me through!! :)
9. Spend one weekend a month totally unplugged from technology and work and completely focused on each other.
10. Continue to eat healthy everyday (except for date night) and continue to work out at least 4 times a week.
11. Hike or do something active outdoors at least once a month. It's been difficult living in Charlotte because hiking was such a huge part of our lives in Clemson. Doing something active in a beautiful place is so good for our hearts and souls- we must get out more. There are plenty of parks and trails that we just haven't explored yet here.

I hope that you set some goals, focuses, or resolutions. Happy New Year!

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