Saturday, January 29, 2011

Date night

Date night is very important to Dan and me. We are both busy during the week and I make supper at home every night, so the one night a week where we get to go out and enjoy dinner together is so fun. Dan normally plans all of our dates, and they are always so much fun. I always have a good time. One thing that I love about our dates is that Dan always tries to plan one really unique date at least once a month. So, last night, he informed me that we were going to Hartsville, SC for our date night. At first, I didn't really understand and thought he must be surprising me with something else. But, we made the hour and a half drive to my hometown and had the best night. We enjoyed coffee at my favorite coffee shop (nothing in CLT can come close to it), watched a cheap movie (love the $1 theater there), and gazed at the stars (we've missed good stargazing since moving to the city).

This may seem like such a silly thing to do.... to drive for so long just to have coffee and a movie. But, it was really one of the best dates we've ever had. On the way home, Dan told me that he planned the date so that we could have lots of time to talk in the car. It was amazing. That distraction free, uninterrupted time for conversation was so wonderful.

I'm convinced that two of the best things for a marriage are long, intimate conversations and lots of laughter. We laugh all the time when we're together and I'm so thankful for a husband that desires and creates opportunities for such great conversations. It's amazing what a few hours of good conversation can do for my soul.

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