Sunday, November 14, 2010

Home improvements Pt. 2

Pictures of our recent home improvements...

Our living room is finally finished. It was one big open room, we finally got new furniture. The Christmas tree looks so small here. We bought the tree when we lived in our 500 sq. ft. apartment... now it looks so tiny here. I'm such a bargain shopper that I can't bring myself to buy a new one right now... I'll get a new one during after Christmas sales. :)

New couch and ottoman! We love it and it is so comfy! There is walking space behind the couch and book shelf. Dan built the bookshelf a couple of years ago for us. I am still so impressed by him. He can do anything that he sets his mind to- and does it GREAT.

Our new GREEN kitchen. I've wanted a green kitchen for at least 7 years. The color is bold, but not overwhelming. It's my favorite shade of green and we couldn't love it more. I think we did an awesome job of painting for our first time with no help. :)

We also painted an accent wall in the guest room. I love it so much- sometimes I want to stay in that room instead!

We've been so blessed in our new home. We are praying that our home will be used to glorify Jesus and that people would feel His love and presence when they walk in the door.

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