Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A weekend of favorites.

This past weekend, Dan and I went to the mountains to visit some family friends, hike, and just spend time together. We did most of our favorite things while we were there.

We went to Hendersonville, NC- we both lived there throughout our lives... just not at the same time. (If you know us, you know the story of how we met is a little complicated.. haha). It is always nice to visit a place where you made memories... and we both have such a variety of memories from Hendo. The most special ones are from when we met, visiting each other during the beginning of our relationship in high school, while Dan was on an internship during college there and I visited almost every weekend, and it is the where Dan proposed to me.
  • We enjoyed breakfast at our favorite breakfast place... Fireside.
  • Hiked our favorite trail (my, how we've missed real hiking while here in Charlotte!)
  • Had sushi for supper at our favorite sushi place.
  • We rode on the parkway and enjoyed the beautiful leaves. (this is a yearly tradition and Dan proposed here at one of the overlooks.)
  • Watched the sunset on top of Mt. Mitchell.
It was so fun to visit places that we have such sweet memories attached to.

Here are a few pictures:
On top of Mt. Mitchell

The sunset at Mt. Mitchell

On top of Looking Glass Rock

My favorite view in the mountains.

This is a picture that I took a few years ago- but its Looking Glass Rock, where we hiked to, in the distance from the parkway.

I definitely belong in the mountains. Dan and I have always wanted to move and live in several places throughout our life together. The mountains is definitely at the top of that list! :)

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