Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's Fall, y'all!

I can't believe that Fall is here! I feel like I've been beyond busy these past few weeks... unfortunately. I am looking forward to a day to do absolutely nothing.

Yesterday, Dan and I had the pleasure of going to Clemson for the Homecoming football game. It was the first time we visited since we moved away. It was definitely a little sad, but fun to reminisce about all of our fun there. Clemson is the place that Dan and I really fell in love. He lived in Clemson and I lived in Anderson... but we hung out most of the time in Clemson. Then we lived in Clemson for a year and a half after we got married. We went to the game, saw some old friends AND their new precious baby, ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant, and went to downtown Greenville. I really miss the Upstate, but feel better now that I've been back. We hope to make it to another football game this season.

Dan and I are now living in our new home. We feel SO blessed here. It is amazing and we're enjoying making it "ours". On Friday, we took a walk down the nature trails here and saw the whole neighborhood. We love it so much.

School is going well. Everyday a child says something that reminds me why I'm teaching. The Lord has blessed me so much with this bunch of children. They make my day, everyday! I'm so honored to get to spend so much time with them and have them be a part of my life.

The Lord's blessings have been immense recently! :)

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