Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh my... it's already July!

I can't believe that its already July. This entire year has gone by so quickly. I finished up my first graduate school class today! I am thrilled to be done! I have learned so much in 4 short weeks. I've got two more classes to finish up over the next few weeks. I'm really enjoying my graduate work, its a bit overwhelming sometimes, but I'm loving learning the new information about teaching. It's really showed me even more that teaching is my passion. I think about it all the time and I'm constantly planning lesson plans through my experiences everyday. Still waiting on the Lord to provide a job for me for August. I am confident in the Lord that He will provide for me and I'm willing to do whatever He has for me.

Even though the Hazlett home hasn't exactly been a place for good news recently- life is SO good. God has truly given us peace and hope. I'm so thankful that when my hope is in Jesus alone- I can't be shaken by bad news or negativity from other people. I have really been focusing on the the blessings Jesus has given us... and all the uncertain things in life don't seem to matter. My Jesus is certain and that's all that matters.

"...those who seek the Lord lack no good thing." Psalm 34:10

Happy Summer! :)

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