Saturday, June 5, 2010

this could be goodbye...for a while

I start graduate school on Monday. I'm not sure that I'll even have a life anymore after that... so I may not be blogging again until August.

Summer is here! And it makes me very happy! I have so many fresh veggies and fruits from my grandparents garden and a produce stand that my kitchen counter is overflowing. I have fresh picked hydrangeas on the dining room table. The sun in shining and I'm spending time by the pool today! I absolutely love summer and all the things that come with it. It is definitely heart warming after the long winter that we had.

Dan is playing in the North Carolina Open next week! Its a 3 day tournament. I'm really praying that he will win it and I'm hoping to get to watch him play as much as I can. I love watching him play golf. He is so talented and so focused. I admire him for his dedication and discipline and I am so proud of him... no matter where he places.

This summer, Dan and I are heading to California to see his grandmother. I have actually never met her! The last time Dan visited her was in 2005 and she doesn't travel much, so this will be the first time that I have had the chance to meet her. I am so excited to meet her. I am also very excited about going to California. The furthest west I've been is Arkansas.... so it will be fun!

Thats all I have to write about- so this could be the last time you hear from me until August when my classes are over... we shall see. If you're a Christian, please remember me in your prayers... for stamina with classes and for finding a teaching job. :)

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