Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New challenges

I have a lot of new challenges coming my way. New changes and new ways to stretch and extend my mind and my body...

First, starting on Monday- I'll be beginning graduate school. I'm going at full speed this summer to try to knock out as much as possible. I'm excited, but also scared, nervous, anxious... I'm such a perfectionist when it comes to school and I'm just unsure of myself going into a new school where I don't know anyone. I started Anderson University all by myself, but that was five [wow, really?] years ago.

Second, I'm giving up sweets, as of today, until July 1st. My goal is to only have one dessert a week. I have been so relaxed with my diet recently- especially with how much I am eating sweets. So, I'm giving them up. I'm going through this with a friend so I have an accountability partner through it.... not really looking forward to it though. :)

Third, I'm still looking and searching for a teaching job for August. The challenging part isn't looking for a job. The challenge is remaining faithful to the Lord in trusting Him. I have really been convicted recently about worrying, which is a sin, and I'm trying so hard to change my typical mind sets. It's challenging to not worry about the future and not to doubt God. When I worry, that is exactly what I am doing, doubting the Lord. I am challenging myself to have audacious faith in Jesus and that He will provide the job that I can bring Him the most glory in. After all, my career isn't about making my dreams come true. My career, like everything else in life, is about making Jesus' name famous.

So, here looking at the challenges coming my way, I'm anxious and excited. I like challenges. I love learning new things. I love stretching myself and extending my mind. I might not be confident in myself to complete these tasks, but I can be completely confident in Jesus to complete this work that He has begun in me.

His strength is made perfect in my weakness.

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