Saturday, July 18, 2009


I can't believe how time is flying by. It's already July! I haven't really felt like I've gotten a summer since I've been working so much, but work has been wonderful. I've really enjoyed working with the kids. I have enjoyed things that come with summer.... I've picked numerous gallons of blueberries. We've had fresh blueberry muffins, scones, pancakes, and cobbler. I've also frozen a lot so we can enjoy them throughout winter. We also found a field of sunflowers last weekend. We stole a few, hope the owner didn't mind. :)

My sister spent July 4th with us here in Clemson. It's hard only seeing my family every couple of months so it was nice to have her here for the whole weekend. My in-laws are coming down at the end of July. I'm not ready for August to be here, but I'm really excited about them coming down.

Its really strange to think that I won't be returning to AU next month. Working at a daycare right down the street from AU, I feel like I'm still connected in a way, but come next month, I won't be seeing the campus everyday. I still can't believe that that chapter of my life is over. Anderson is such a special place.

I'm still without a teaching job. After a job that I just knew that I was going to get failed, I'm pretty down and discouraged about finding a job. I know that the Lord will provide. In fact, He may be opening up a door this week for me. We'll see. Please keep praying for my job situation. I'm just waiting patiently on the Lord to work and I know He will. Our future is uncertain right now to say the least, but God's got a plan. Even though sometimes I feel forgotten and left to fend for myself, I know that God is with me. We're trying hard to remain faithful and trust in Him.

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