Friday, June 19, 2009

What a week!

Sadie is curled up in my lap right now, I'm watching Food Network, and I'm drinking sweet tea- a perfect, relaxing afternoon. This has been a good week. I've been working all week and had a blast with the children. I had an interview that seemed to go really well too- still praying hard for a teaching job for August. We have to move in a little over a month, but still have no idea where to move to... so that is a little stressful, but I know that God has a plan. I keep reminding Him that we need to find a place to live and move by a certain day... as if He doesn't know. I'm trying to wait patiently...

We found out on Thursday that my mother-in-law is cancer free! She had a biopsy for possible breast cancer, but the Lord is good- and she doesn't! We are so thankful and so relieved. My almost 92 year old great grandmother has been in the hospital with an injury and a possible blood clot, but everything is fine and she's home. Not completely better, but well enough to be home. It's been a hectic week with medical worries, but everything seems to be better.

:) Ready for the weekend. Get to spend all day Sunday with my hubby on Sunday. He's so great. I got flowers and a card this week for no reason- except to be sweet. I'm seriously blessed... big time.

Happy Weekend.

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