Monday, November 3, 2008

life gets in the way

Life has been crazy lately, if you couldn't tell by the last time I actually made a post. I have had so much homework and things for my grad school application to work on.

We went up to the mountains last weekend for some hiking. We hiked Looking Glass Rock and Mt. Pisgah. I was quite tired after 9 miles. We also went back to the place where Dan proposed to almost 2 years ago. We weren't alone this time though and it was considerably less romantic, but nevertheless, perfect. Being back there with Daniel as my husband for the first time was amazing.

I was able to teach all day on Thursday because my cooperating teacher was absent. She left me to do everything. It worked out well! I think I did pretty well and I learned a lot. It was really encouraging to know that I can make it through a day with crazy, loud 5th graders alone.

My schedule has been crazy, but Dan has been so wonderful. He makes it less stressful. Someone told me the other day that they were no where near ready to get married because they couldn't imagine spending forever with someone. When we got married, I learned a whole new meaning of forever and- forever isn't long enough. God is so good and has blessed me so.

Tomorrow is election day... which means I don't have school! I'm going to enjoy the day with my husband, do some homework, and probably stand in line for 2 hours trying to vote... and definitely enjoy my day off!

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