Monday, October 20, 2008

good memories

We cleaned up our porch this afternoon. Got rid of our pepper plants, I think the frost killed them last night. I'm hoping the basil can hold on a few more days until I can dry it out. We replaced a plant that these rocks once surrounded with a huge pumpkin! Pumpkins make me think of Fall. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, I love watching the leaves change colors and I love going to the mountains to see them. Fall makes me reminisce. It makes me think of when Daniel and I first met and fell in love. Nothing is more romantic that bundling up and gazing at the stars or driving up to an overlook on the parkway to look at the city lights during the first few cold nights of the season. The rocks hold a special place in my heart too. The rocks are from Ridgecrest and I collected them with my best friend. We collected all but one on hiking trips and the other at our secret swimming hole. I miss Ridgecrest and I miss her so much. We plan on carving our pumpkin one night this week and roasting the pumpkin seeds. :) I love Fall.

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