Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Change America Needs

On Tuesday, America elected her 44th president, Barack Obama. Whether or not I agree with the decision, the Bible tells me that I have to pray for him and that I will do. He will need as many prayers as he can get, as he is starting out as president during a tough time for our country. And the Bible says you have to pray for him too, no matter if you agree or not with the decision.

As I've watched the news the past few weeks keeping up with the two campaigns, I've seen some things that really do disturb me. Somewhat with John McCain, but more so with Barack Obama, people worship them. There have been music videos made in Japan and Jamaica about Barack Obama and musicals made about him in Africa. Americans put their faith in him. Americans are treating him like some sort of Saviour. I am glad that he is president, I hope that he can turn this country around for the best, but I KNOW that he can't bring the change that America needs. John McCain couldn't and neither can Barack Obama. I believe that he can help our country, but what our country really needs is SALVATION. Our country needs JESUS. If people would put the same amount of hope in Jesus as they put into Barack Obama, our country would see a great revival and people would see real change in their hearts and lives. Our country would be a much better place. Why do Americans think that one man can change decades of sin and rejection of Jesus?

I am glad that Barack Obama is the new president. I am happy to have an African American as president, I consider it a privilege to have seen history been made. No, I don't agree with some of Obama's policies, but I don't agree with all of any body's opinions. If Obama can do half of what he says that he is going to do, this country will be a much better place. But I know that the change America needs, no man can bring, only Jesus can. As I lift up our new president in prayer everyday, I'm also lifting up our country, every lost soul, that God would bring a great revival and bring this country back to Him.

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