Thursday, November 13, 2008

I love him.

Yesterday marked the day that 4 years ago, Daniel and I went on our first date and life hasn't been the same since. Dan told me recently that he knew, that first date, that I was the one for him.

No gifts, no flowers, nothing special, just spent some time with each other at home. I love my husband. I consider myself privileged and so very blessed to be loved by him. Dan is different from any man I've ever met. I love his goofiness, his smile, how handsome he is, how he kisses me of the cheek in sets of seven, how he leaves cabinets open, how he will not let me go to bed when we are upset with each other no matter how much I just want to go to sleep, how he loves me, how he loves the Lord, and how he loves the Lord and following His will more than he loves me. I love how he knows me better than I know myself and I love how he takes care of me and serves me with his whole heart. I only hope that in the coming years I can serve him with the same joy he has when serving me and love him with the same unconditional love that he and Jesus have so graciously blessed me with.

It's been a wonderful four years and the years to come will only get better. Thank you, Jesus, for this astounding, wonderful man You created.

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