Sunday, September 21, 2008

birthdays, relocating, and homework.

  • There are so many birthdays coming up. My father in law had a birthday last week; My dad, one of my great grandmothers, one of my grandmothers, my mom, a sister in law, my aunt, and my husband will all have birthdays in the next 2 1/2 weeks!!
  • I know that makes it sound like I have a huge amt. of grandparents still living and I do... 2 Great Grandmothers, 2 Grandmothers, and 1 Grandfather. 2 great grandmothers, 1 great grandfather, and 1 grandfather have passed away since I've been alive. I have been majorly blessed with Grandparents!
  • We're going to visit my parents and grandparents this weekend for everyone's birthday. We haven't been since early July, so we're excited to see everyone.
  • This will be the last time we drive to my parents house in Kershaw though. They're moving in 2 weeks! I'm so excited for them!
  • Not really excited that they'll be 4 1/2 hours away, but I know God's got amazing plans for them in North Carolina.
  • I guess we should really just get used to living far away from family. All of Dan's family is up North and in California. And mine are getting further and further away. Again, I know God has a purpose for it.
  • Dan's birthday is coming up. I have a fun surprise trip for him. Since he reads my blog, I'll have to share later. The best part though is that its free and I know he's going to love it.
  • I can't believe that he's going to be 22, especially because I met him when he was 17.
  • It's been a wonderful weekend. Its been nice to finally spend some time together, last week we were both so busy with homework we hardly spoke to each other.
  • I'm praying for another great week, excited to see my family (especially one of my great grandmothers who is turning 91 and still walks for exercise everyday! i love her!), and i'm fixing to get started on my astronomical amount of homework...

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