Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hummingbirds outside the window

Today I was sitting on our porch, looking at our plants, reading God's word, and sipping freshly ground Jamaican coffee out of my favorite mug. Doesn't get much better, right? Well, it was pretty early and no one was around. We have a view directly into the woods where there is a small stream. If everything is perfectly quite, you can hear the stream trickling by. It was absolutely perfect. There is a hummingbird feeder directly above the chair I was sitting in, and all of a sudden a hummingbird flew over my head, not noticing that I was even there, but quickly noticed me and flew away. For a split second I saw this little creature hovering above my head. I got a short glimpse of their beauty.

I was reading in Psalms when it happened. I was already pondering how wonderful God's blessings are and how richly blessed we are. This little creature was so beautiful. God spent so much time on this little hummingbird and made it so extremely unique. I mean, how many other animals can move their arms or wings that quickly? If God spent that much time on a little hummingbird, how much time did he spend on me? If He cared enough to make that bird so unique, how much did he care about me? How much time did He put into making me unique? What qualities did He give me that separate me from every other human on this planet? On top of that, the Word says that He knows the number of hairs on my head and He knows the desires of my very own heart! God knows me personally.

That little hummingbird has no idea how greatly He or She rocked my world this morning. Now there are several hummingbirds at the window, I can't stop watching them. God is so good and knew exactly what I needed this morning. No matter who forsakes me in this life, no matter how bad of a day I have, no matter what falls apart in my life, no matter how hurt I am- He is there. God knows me and loves me individually and sent that little hummingbird this morning to show me how much He loves me. And that makes all of the bad- good. Because God works EVERYTHING for good for those who Love Him.

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him." Romans 8:28

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