Monday, June 23, 2008

3500 miles later...

After driving 3500 miles, we're finally home. Been to the St. Louis Gateway Arch, the Sears Tower, ate Chicago deep dish pizza in Chicago, witnessed a wonderful, godly couple get married, and gained a new family in Jackson, Tennessee.

Erin's wedding was beautiful. She was beautiful and SO excited! I'm so happy for her and Andrew, but I miss them already.

We had our roadtrip with my parents. Went to Jackson, Tennessee to visit Erin and go to her shower, went through Arkansas and St. Louis, then to Indianapolis for the Southern Baptist Convention, and then to Chicago. Dan and I came home for one day- and got back on the road for Erin's wedding. We are so tired of driving.

Now back to reality... but I love reality. I get to spend time with my husband now.

We got our wedding video back. I can't stop watching it! I love it. And I love even more, that someone accepted Christ at our wedding. Not everything was perfect, and I would have changed a few things about it- but the fact that someone accepted Christ... makes all the disappointing things melt away.

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