Thursday, May 8, 2008

peace and understanding.

My dad had an eye infection last week which spread to his other eye and now into his nose. He went to the doctor last week, but the medicine he was perscribed didn't really help. He went back to the doctor yesterday because he was running a fever and his nose was HUGE because of the infection. The doctor told him that he has a staph infection and gave him a heavy duty antibiotic and said that if it didn't look better this morning to come back. Well, it didn't look better this morning and my dad was still in a good bit of pain. He is at the doctor as I'm typing this and I'm waiting to hear what's going to happen. The doctor said that it is dangerous because it is so close to his brain, so he may have to be put into the hospital. Please pray for him. This is possibly one of the worst times this could happen with me getting married in 9 days. Thankfully it happened this week and not next week though. Pray for his healing to be quick and pray for the doctors as they treat him.

The bible says that where two or more are gathered, the Lord will be there also. I believe as I type and you read- there are two gathered in the name of the Lord.

Heavenly Father, I lift up my dad to your Holy Throne. I pray for his healing. You know exactly what is wrong and what is needed. I pray that you would give the doctors the knowledge and guidance that they need. I pray that you would heal my dad completely and as quickly as possible. I pray that you would calm my mother and give her peace. I pray that you would give me peace about the situation, because I know that You work ALL things for good for those who love You. I love You Lord and I know that you have a plan. Work in our family, give us peace and healing.

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