Tuesday, May 6, 2008

11 days!

11 days! We're sooooo close to single digits!! Dan and I have been going like crazy getting things done. Plus, my mom is crazy about her house being spotless for all the people that will be by, so we've been cleaning for her.

Yesterday, Sandals called. Upgraded our room to the best in the whole place! :) Yes, God is good!

Pray for my dad, he's sick and has an eye infection. Pray for Dan and I as we get everything done. Pray for my sister, she has testing this week and she hates testing. Pray for my mom that she won't go insane, she likes to do everything herself and is having issues letting Dan and me take care of some things. Pray for my relationship with Dan, that we'll continue to grow close and prepare for our marriage during this busy time.

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