Wednesday, April 30, 2008

joy is good for the body, but envy rots the bones.

I was driving back from Clemson the other night, Charles Stanley was on the radio. He's such a wise man. He was speaking on jealousy. I listened to him for about 30 minutes, but one thing he said has stuck with me. He asked the audience for a definition of jealousy. No one said anything. Rev. Stanley said "Jealousy is when You object to God's blessing in someone else's life." That hit me. I have caught myself being jealous of people quite often. Jealous of her hair, jealous of his car, jealous of her body, jealous that she doesn't have to work two jobs and attempt to maintain all A's, jealous of him having his family near by, jealous that her parents have normal jobs... the list continues. I feel jealous for a lot of things. This hit me. I don't want to object to God's decisions. I don't want to go against him. I realized that by me being jealous, I was saying "God you're not doing the right thing, they don't deserve that".

Boy have I been wrong. I pray everyday that God would give me a joyous and pure heart, that I may look at everyone as better than myself and be thankful for the things in their lives. God knows what I need, God knows my desires- he'll give me the blessings that I need and the blessings I desire in His time. I'm not going to be jealous anymore. I've got a wonderful, wonderful life. I have so much to be thankful for and I am so blessed. God didn't skip me over, I've just been taking my blessings for granted.

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