Monday, March 3, 2008

the extra cookie.

We're 2 1/2 months away from married life. I can not believe it. Time is going so quickly. I'm getting more and more nervous by the day, but I am so excited. I'm excited about the day, in general, and I'm excited about our honeymoon in Jamaica. I think that mostly I'm excited to move in with Dan. Right now life is weird. On the weekends I spend all day over at his apartment, whether he is there or not, because it feels like home. I can relax and just have time to myself or with him. But come 11:00 or so, I get in my car- and drive 25 minutes back to Anderson. Friday night, Saturday night, and a little earlier on Sunday night. It feels so strange and I hate having to do it. It's frustrating. I can't wait just to live under the same roof. Its a source of frustration not being able to see each other everyday. I can't wait for that frustration to be gone.

Dan is so wonderful. Yesterday I did his grocery shopping for him because he was so busy, and I picked up some girl scout cookies. They are our favorite kind- so I decided to split them between us. There were 15 in the box, so I gave him 8 and gave myself 7. As I was leaving, I picked up the box, quickly counted- and I had 8 cookies. I figured I had just counted quickly, and reassured myself that I gave him the extra cookie. On the way home, we were on the phone, and he told me that I had done exactly what he thought I would do- so he switched the boxes. I was astounded. We want so badly to please and serve one another. I know that this is such a small gesture, but it really hit me that Dan loves me and that my desires really are before his. He never ceases to amaze me.

Thank you Jesus for this amazing and beautiful life. Thank you for my future husband. I am eternally grateful.

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