Monday, March 3, 2008

Lessons from my Dad

Lessons I've learned from my ever wise Dad

1. Put God first in EVERYTHING. If you don't know if you are doing that, ask a friend- they'll know what you're worshiping.

2. If you're not being criticized and if people aren't mad at you- you're probably not doing what God wants you to do. People criticize and get mad when they see others following God's will.

3. Never date anyone who doesn't live up to your standards, chances are that they aren't going to change. You will.

4. Joy does the heart and body good, but envy and jealously will rot your bones and life.

5. God has a purpose for you, find out what it is & DO IT immediately. No matter what the cost, God provides for those who are following Him.

6. Church-going people are the meanest in the world. The biggest mission field in the world are the baptist churches in America. Find a church where you will be able to grow and serve others, and whoever your pastor is, pray for Him daily.

7. Seek friends that will lift you up in prayer everyday. The world is full of spiritual warfare, you need someone on your side praying on your behalf.

8. Find a man who loves God more than he loves You. Find a man that serves you with his whole heart. You should be his second focus in life in ALL circumstances.

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