Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Break!

Today has been great. I've been at home for Spring Break & I had my first bridal shower today. God is so good- I got a lot of needed and neat stuff.

Dan made me a birthday cake today- He dyed the cake & icing green. He's so great. I came home on Friday to a decorated door with St. Patrick's Day stuff. I love St. Patrick's Day!

In 3 hours... I won't be 20 anymore. Turning 21 is weird. I'm sure I won't be celebrating my 21st birthday like most though. Dan has something planned- not sure what.... we'll see. My parents and Dan got me a new camera for my birthday. Its a Sony with a touch screen, its awesome. I've been taking pictures like crazy.

We're 60 days away from getting married. I'm really tired of planning. I wish we could just elope. I finished invitations today & I'm so THANKFUL. My hand hurts, but it'll heal. My best friend, Erin, bought her flight to come out for the wedding & I couldn't be more excited. She's coming the Tuesday before, so we'll have some time to just hang out. My heart has been fluttering lately, because of all the excitement. I don't know how I'll be able to contain myself on May 17.

God has been so good lately. I've been really stressed with school & wedding stuff, but despite it all, I've been really happy. I'm ready for the wedding, I'm ready to marry Dan.

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