Monday, August 22, 2011


Well, I was doing really good with blogging and sharing new recipes with you. Then something happened- that something was school. This week, I started back to work. Summer is officially over and while I am bummed that I no longer have a lot of free time and now have to wake up at 5 AM, I am very excited to start a new school year teaching 5th grade. I am also taking two graduate classes, which I am not really excited about, but it puts me two steps closer to graduating in May! 

My goal for the school year is still to publish 2 blogs a week- What to Eat Wednesday and a recipe. I hope that you continue reading my posts. 

As I bid adieu to summer, I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures and memories from my summer break.

Literally, as soon as school was over (one of my co-workers took me to the airport), I had the privilege of going to Arizona with my parents and sister! While we were there we got to do some really amazing things. We visited Flagstaff, Sedona, Phoenix, and my favorite- the Grand Canyon. It really was breathtaking.

Another favorite memory is the time that Dan and I got to spend in Tennessee together. Dan surprised me with a trip to an amazing little retreat in Maryville a few years ago and now it's our favorite place to go. There is no internet or cell phone service. You are completely surrounded by mountains and the cabins are completely amazing. We always have a fun time no matter where we go, but this was one of the best trips we've ever had.

Just last week we got to spend the week on Topsail Island with Dan's family. The Hazlett's have not been on vacation together in nearly 15 years. With my father in law's 75th birthday coming up, we and Dan's sisters' planned a surprise vacation for Don. He thought that he was getting away for a few days with Dan's mom, and boy was he surprised when we were all there! It was a great week of relaxation and family time.

I consider myself so blessed to have had the summer that I did. Jesus certainly did bless me with amazing experiences this summer and I've got a feeling that this next year is going to be one for the books!

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