Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oh Hi, March! Where'd you come from?

Wow- I can't believe its been almost a month since I've last written. The time has flown by and now that I'm working, I have spent most of my free time with my husband.

Since I last wrote, I am now employed! I'm teaching at a local preschool. I'm still seeking God's plan and will for the next steps in my life whether its graduate school, finding a job in the public school system, both, or something totally different. I'm working 4 ten hour days which are very tiring, but I'm getting more and more used to it. I'm just SO thankful for a job and overwhelmed by God's faithfulness and promise to provide.

Dan is really enjoying his job and getting used to all the day to day activities. He always has a great story when he gets home of someone neat he has met or something that he has done. So far- he's met the brothers that own Belk, Dabo Swinney (he was thankfully wearing a Clemson shirt that day!), the man that owns all of Bojangles, and other neat people. I am SO proud of him and I'm so happy that he is enjoying it as much as he is.

God has really been teaching me a lot lately. I've had to rely on His strength and His power to get me through these past few weeks. Although I've been exhausted with work, it has been a great feeling having to rely on God to get through the day. He is already opening up doors for me to tell others about Jesus and I know that He's got great plans at my new job.

We are actively involved in Elevation Church now and we LOVE it. It is great. We're co-leading a young married couples Bible study and volunteering. Elevation is an amazing church with a heart for the hurting and lost people in this city. God has done and is going to continue to do great things there and I'm so honored to be a part of it.

My birthday is coming up next week. I'll be 23. Pretty hard to believe, I still feel so young, but then I realize that I'm married, a college graduate, and living totally independent of family. I feel like just yesterday I was playing in my playhouse and running around barefooted. Life is speeding by. I just pray that I use my time wisely for the Lord and that the way I spend my time glorifies God and points back to Him. Dan has something special planned for my birthday, but it's a surprise. He loves to surprise me and I loved being surprised. He is also surprising me with a mystery trip for our anniversary in May. He's simply wonderful. Can't believe it's almost been 2 years since we said "I do". Best 2 years of my life. :)

Happy Spring and St. Patrick's Day!

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