Monday, January 11, 2010

So here we are.

So... here we are in Charlotte. We've been living in Charlotte for about 3 weeks now and we LOVE it. It is so great here. We really weren't sure about moving away from Clemson or whether we'd even like it since it is so urban here, but we are in love. Charlotte is a great city- I can't wait to see what the coming months hold for us here.

A lot has happened since I last wrote. We went to Delaware for Thanksgiving with Dan's family, we went to Tampa to watch Clemson in the ACC Championship (which could have ended better, but we had an absolute BLAST!), Dan took me on a surprise trip to Maryville, TN to a super cute cabin, Dan graduated from college, and... we moved to Charlotte.

Christmas was wonderful. My parents stayed with us on Christmas Eve and we had Christmas morning here in our new place. After Christmas with both sets of my grandparents, Dan's whole family came down to visit. His parents, both sisters, one brother in law, and both nieces were here for one night and then his parents and one sister stayed for a week. All of our Christmas celebrations were fun and such a blessing. It's amazing how we were celebrating Jesus' birth, but came out SO very blessed.

My two favorite gifts came from my sweet husband who knows how much I am in love with the color green. He got me a green polka dotted casserole dish (I also LOVE cooking, in case you didn't know)- its super cute. And my favorite gift of all: my absolute favorite shade of green pea coat. Its also adorable. I got Dan Mario Brothers Wii and we've been playing whenever we have a free moment. It's so much fun.

We bought a washer and dryer on Christmas Eve, but can't have it delivered until January 13th (which is 2 days away- Praise the Lord!!) Living 3 weeks without a washer and dryer has really made me appreciate modern technology! I can't wait for Wednesday!!!

We've already found a church! We've been going to Elevation Church and we love it. We miss our old church, Crosspoint in Clemson, alot, but we really enjoy Elevation. We're started going to a small group this week- yay for making friends. It's weird being in such a big place and not knowing ANYONE. Thankfully that'll be changing soon. :)

It's amazing how we're in this new city, a place we never thought we would be, but we're thrilled about it and love it here. I know this is where God wanted us because of the peace and joy that we have just from being here. So excited to see what God has in store for us here in the next few months!!

In Tampa, for the ACC Championship. You'd think it would be warm in TAMPA.

The cute cabin that Dan took me on a surprise trip to in Maryville, TN.

Dan with his parents after graduation at Clemson

Sadie loved sleeping under the Christmas tree (and climbing it!).

Ice skating in my favorite shade of green pea coat from my wonderful hubby!

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