Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wildfires, Bad Weather, Spring Break

I wrote a few weeks ago about the wildfires where Dan and I hike a lot. We went hiking there a few weeks ago and we got to see some of the damage.

Thankfully the waterfall wasn't damaged at all! That little red spot is Dan and I'm beside him.
I'm in love with this place.

We had some pretty bad weather last night. There were a few tornadoes around us. We are very, very thankful that we are safe today.

Today, I'm enjoying my second to last day of Spring Break. Tomorrow is Easter and I'm cooking my first Easter dinner for Dan and me. I'm happy to be starting traditions with Dan. He has the day off tomorrow and we'll be spending most of the day watching the Master's! :)

I've been posting pretty frequently because I've had a lot of free time. I'm done with all of my homework and lesson plans for this week. I can't believe that I don't have any big assignments left to do. It feels weird not having something to work on! Graduation is exactly 3 weeks away! May is going to be the best month! Not only am I graduating from college, I'm also visiting my best friend in Jackson, TN and Dan and I will celebrate our 1 year anniversary with a special weekend trip somewhere! Its weird to think that this time last year I was bogged down in wedding plans, school work, and struggling through the semester.
Oh, how life has changed over this past year... and all for the better!

That's all... I'm off to the pool.

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