Thursday, April 9, 2009

The past 4 years...

Its so hard for me to believe that my undergraduate college career is winding down. I thought the 4 years of high school went by fast- I can't believe how much more quickly the past 4 years of college have went by. I know that my life is going to continue to pass by more and more quickly. Right now, I am very satisfied and proud of how I spent the past 4 years of my life. I never partied, I have done well in all my classes, found a man that loves me unconditionally and how Christ loves the Church, and made my parents proud. I must say though- it wasn't hard. Going to class and making good grades has never been an option, its just the way I am. Not going to parties wasn't hard- it never interested me. Finding a wonderful husband wasn't hard- God blessed me with him when I least expected it. Whether its a good thing or a bad thing, I am proud of how I've done over the past 4 years. Although I'd like to think otherwise, I'm not sure if the next 4 years will be as easy.

I'll be in the workforce and teaching full time. Dan and I will spend years 2-5 of our marriage either happy or unhappy. All of that depends on how we choose to treat each other every single day. I had someone once say to me, "once the honeymoon phase is over... you might not be as happy". I will have the choice of how I want to live my life. I can make it glorifying to God or not glorifying to God.

Here is a list of things that I want to accomplish and/or hold on to before the next 4 years of my life are over:

1. Remain on fire for Christ the entire 4 years.

2. Celebrate my 5 year wedding anniversary with my husband (in Hawai'i would be nice...) knowing that we have been faithful and loyal to each other in every aspect of our lives (sexually, with our eyes, with our hearts, with our emotions, with how much time we spend at work, etc) and that we have loved each other with the same love that Jesus Christ has for his bride and that the Church has for her groom. Work hard to remain in this "honeymoon phase" and never settle for an "okay" marriage and always strive to have an "astounding" marriage that is an evangelistic tool to show God's love.

3. Have my in-laws know and love the Lord with all of their hearts.

4.Have a great relationship with my parents and sister.

5.Be an involved member of a church that is serving the community, loving the lost, and sharing the gospel in every opportunity.

6.Be an elementary school teacher who shares Christ's love everyday through my actions.

7.Be an elementary school teacher who loves her students and affects their lives in a positive way.

8. Be a person who holds not a single grudge and a person who is quick to forgive.

9. Be a homeowner.

10.Have my Master's of Education in Administration and Leadership.

11.Have a sewing machine.

12. Possibly be pregnant with our first child.

13. Most importantly, be willing to sacrifice #9, #10, #11, and #12 if they do not conform to God's will for my life.

14. Know that #1-#8 are essential to me remaining in God's will. These are commands for me and are not simply options.

15. I didn't say anything about where I want to live... because I have NO idea where the next year is going to take Dan and me. Wherever that place may be, be there with my whole heart.

16. Remember that God is sovereign and in control. Let Him have control of my life and use me to bring Him glory.

I pray that in 4 years from now- I'll be able to look back on these 16 things and rejoice in the fact that I accomplished them. For now, I'll pray that I will not be swayed by Satan's lies and hold on to the promises of the Lord.

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