Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's days like today...

It's day like today that warm my heart. I'm sitting on our front porch, looking into the woods, listening to birds chirp, wearing shorts and flip flops, and loving the sunshine. Today has been perfect. I woke up this morning to see my husband reading his Bible and praying for me. The whole apartment was clean and he asked me what I wanted for breakfast. Yesterday before he left for work he said he had a surprise me in the fridge. I opened in the fridge and there was a new pitcher full of (our barely) sweet tea. Since I've been sick, I think I've been through 2 gallons of it to soothe my throat.Can I just tell you that my husband is so very incredibly amazing. I know that I am so extremely blessed to have a man that loves me the way he does. It made me want to cry because I know that he is doing exactly what Jesus would do for me if he were here (except Jesus may heal me... which would be quite nice as well). Bronchitis isn't fun, but having a husband like Dan makes it easily bearable. He has been at my every beckoning call for anything.

Even though I sound terrible, I am feeling so much better today. I was thinking today about how blessed I am to be able to drive my own personal car 10 miles to go to the doctor on a Saturday morning, pick up two prescription medications, and come home and lay in the bed all day. God is so good to me! I don't know why he chooses to be, but I'm so very thankful.

Now, back to my original statement. It's days like today that I am reminded of God's love for His children. As I'm staring into the woods and looking at the new buds on the trees, I'm reminded of God's new life that he gives. I am so very thankful for the new life he gave me nine years ago (March 12, 2000). I am also reminded of the people in my family who have not received his new life yet, but also of God's faithfulness to his promises. He will save them in his time. Until then, I'm praying and striving to live a life that would ultimately point back to Him. The way I treat and talk about my spouse, my work ethic, my words, my relationships, my eating & exercise habits... everything; All of it should point back to Christ, for His glory, and so my family members can be my sisters and brothers in Christ one day soon. My pastor gave such an encouraging statement last week for those of you (and me) who know people who don't know Jesus and are so very far away from him... "If you are a Christian, you can be sure that the Holy Spirit is working in someone's life because you were placed in it."
Conviction for my passiveness and encouragement all in one...

It's days like today that bring me back to whats important. It makes me wonder why I worry about the little things that I worry about so often and why I am saddened by the things I am saddened by. I should be overjoyed by God's blessing and be assured that God is forever faithful to His children. :)

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