Friday, December 12, 2008


I finished up with school on Wednesday. I took my last exam at Anderson University EVER. Man, that feels so wonderful to say. I've got one more semester for student teaching, and I will get my diploma on May 2!! Where'd the time go? It sure has been nice not having anything to do the past 2 days. It's weird not having any lesson plans to write or units to plan. Rest assured, I'll have plenty to plan next semester.

Christmas break is going to be very busy, but its going to be great. We'll be spending some time in Delaware and Philly with the Hazletts for Christmas, spending a few days with my family for a late Christmas, and going to the Gator Bowl to watch Clemson take down the Cornhuskers! We're hitting up almost the entire east coast! I'm taking the GRE to get into grad school so say a little prayer for me at noon on Monday! :)

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