Monday, August 18, 2008

Goodbye Summer

August has absolutely flown by. Daniel and I just got home from visiting his family up North. It was so great to see everyone. The trip started with an all night drive up there, I don't think we've recovered yet from the sleep we missed.

Here's Dan's newest piece of furniture:

It's a book shelf that matches our TV stand that he built in January. He's so smart.

School starts this week. I'm getting pretty excited! I love fall. Football, cooler weather, apples, red and orange leaves... i love it all.

We're flying up on Friday after class for my sister in laws wedding. We're praying that Tropical Storm Fay won't mess up our plans.

We're celebrating the last day of freedom tomorrow. I'm so excited. Everything that makes us think of summer- we're doing it! I love my husband.

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