Friday, May 30, 2008

married life.

I love being married. Last night Dan and I were praying together and he said "And God, thank you for my wife." I am so thankful for this man.

We have been growing a small garden since march, but yesterday we added to it. We have cayenne peppers, banana peppers, thyme, parsley, and basil growing outside and few plants inside.

Two days ago we were unpacking things and Dan went out to the car to get something. He left the front door open when he went, well when he got back- he stopped at the doorframe and said "Jada, LOOK!" So I looked and there was a HUGE spider right inside the door. When I say huge, I mean the biggest spider I've ever seen in real life. Dan was scared of it, but managed to get up the courage to step on it. And when he did----- spider babies came out. Hundreds of them. Our vacuum cleaner (which was a wedding gift) was still in the car. I am so thankful that we took it out of the box when we were at my parents house!! Dan was running back to get the vacuum, I was trying to suck up as many as I could with a little handheld cleaner. Oh man, it was nuts. The worst part was that it was on carpet, so we couldn't spray any bug killer on them.

I can't wait for June 17! I can't wait to see Erin again.
I can't wait to get our wedding pictures back. The day went by so quickly, I can't remember much of it. I know that it was perfect for me. Small and simple- just the way I wanted it. It was also perfect because someone accepted Christ and our lost family members heard the gospel. And it was perfect because I got to marry my best friend. I didn't care what the wedding looked like- as long as I got to marry Dan.

Did I mention, I love my husband?

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