Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Distraction Free

This week I have embarked on an adventure of not using my phone so much. I must admit that I [was] addicted to my phone. Not addicted like I couldn't breath without it in my hand, but addicted in the sense that it was truly a habit to have it in my hand. There was a time when someone asked me why I didn't have an iPhone. I used to not want one, because I disliked the idea of being connected all the time. Then I got talked into one at the Verizon store in 2011 and have been connected ever since. 

At first, my intentions were good. I'm a teacher at heart and a lover of learning. Now that I had this great device, there were no more "I dont know's". I've become on expert on many topics that interest me. Then it was Facebook, Instagram, email, texting, etc. All have good intentions of being able to keep up with friends no matter the distance, which is appealing to me, since I have friends all across the nation. But, ultimately, those things can become distractions from real life. I would never say that my addiction to my phone was  serious.  In fact,  I have made jokes about other people who are obviously so much more addicted than me. *please hear the self-denial*

The past few months, I began to realize that sometimes knowledge isn't a good thing. If searching for new information takes away from the moment I am in with my family, it isn't good or helpful. If keeping up with a friend on Facebook becomes more interesting than playing with my son, it isn't okay or justifiable. 

So this Sunday night, I made a few promises to myself:
A promise that the first thing I reach for in the morning will be my Bible instead of my phone.
A promise that I wouldn't miss another moment of my son's childhood that I don't have to.
A promise that nothing on my phone would consume my time.
A promise that I would leave my phone in another room while my son is awake and/or my husband is home.

It's only Wednesday, it's been just 3 days. I've had more fun with my son than I ever have before. I've had greater clarity while reading God's Word than ever before. I've enjoyed more exciting and intriguing conversations with my husband than we have had in months. I have truly rested when I've had the time and I have been so much more productive during the day than normal.

It was time for me to stop making excuses, to stop justifying a distracted life. It was time for me to start living in the moment again. Jesus has blessed me so much, so much that sometimes it's overwhelming. I never want to take the blessings for granted.

Hebrews 12:2 We must focus our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. 

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