Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We make a good team.

6 weeks from tomorrow... my husband graduates from college. I have no idea where the past 4 and a half years have went. I still remember talking to him on the phone when we were seniors in high school (him living in Hendersonville, NC and me living near Lancaster, SC) about how much we would get to see each other in college. By the way things turned out, I'd say we saw each other a sufficient amount. ;) I just hard to believe that he's almost done with college.

6 weeks and one day from tomorrow... we're moving to Charlotte. It's been hitting me more and more recently that we're packing up and leaving this place we call home and going somewhere almost completely new to us. We're excited and feel so thankful and blessed that God has provided this opportunity for our small family. But, there's a little bit of me that is sad. I'm sad to leave all the wonderful ladies at work, I'm sad to leave the winding roads where I can catch glimpses of the mountains in the distance, I'm sad to leave hiking trails, I'm sad to leave this spirited town where everyone is a Clemson fan, I'm sad to leave where Dan and I truly fell in love, I'm sad to leave this place where Dan and I have spent such an amazing first year and a half of marriage. We've had a lot of firsts here. However, I'm really excited about this next chapter in our lives together.

I'm really excited about moving to a new place together and it being a new adventure together. I'm really excited about this opportunity that Dan has been given at one of the Top 100 Golf Courses in America. I'm excited to have new favorite restaurants, I'm excited to have a new favorite place to go watch the sunset, I'm excited to have a new favorite place to get dessert, I'm excited to live in the city, I'm excited to have a place where I fall more deeply in love with Dan than we have here, I'm excited to have a special place where we spend the next however many years, but most of all... I'm excited about doing it all with my best friend and companion. I've moved a lot in my life with my parents, but preparing to move with my husband has been different. Different in a good way. We make a good team.

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