Thursday, April 10, 2008


Here we are... on Thursday, April 10. I'm sitting here pondering life, God's goodness, and marriage. I keep hearing people say "life changes when you get married" (usually in a negative way), "Your relationship will change once the honeymoon period wears off", "People think married is going to be SO great, boy are they in for a surprise"... the list goes on. I can count on ONE hand the people who have told me POSITIVE things about married. I could write a book on the NEGATIVE things that I have heard about marriage. I am so thankful to have a pastor and former youth minister who have constantly said encouraging and positive things about marriage. Even after 20 years of being married, they still have only positive things to say.

So why all the negative words? I've been reading my Bible, looking for commands that God gives us about marriage. God commands Husbands to love their Wives "as Christ loves the Church". That love is sacrificial and unconditional. The church is God's NUMBER ONE priority. Maybe thats why so many of those negative comments I have heard have come from women? Maybe its because most women in the world are not loved sacrificially and unconditionally by their husbands? The Bible also commands that Wives should respect their Husbands. Respecting their decisions, not nagging them, and allowing them to be the Spiritual Leader. Maybe thats why so many men have told Dan that "all the fun stops once you get married". Maybe its because most men are disrespected and nagged to death by their wives? I'm not sure what the reason- but I am so very tired of hearing all of these negative comments. Hardly ever do I get positive feedback about getting married. A coworker/good friend told me the other day, "Marriage doesn't have to be bad like everyone says it is. I've been married for over 30 years and I am still madly in love with my husband. I can't wait to get home everyday to see him".

Thats what I want to be able to say 30 years, 50 years, 60 years from now. I know I will be able to. Daniel and I love God more than we love each other. It is part of God's plan for my life to serve and respect Dan. If I don't, I'm sinning and making a mockery out of God's special plan of marriage. I'm not listening to the comments anymore. It is possible to be head over heels in love, always serving one another, with ONE man until the day I die. If it weren't possible, God wouldn't have given us so many guidelines in His word to make marriage successful.

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